Learning Muscles - Grow Your Mind

At Longfields Primary and Nursery School we have a firm belief that you can grow your mind and that understanding how you do this helps in the process of learning and acquiring a 'Growth Mindset'.

Understanding our Learning Powers or Muscles is paramount in our Learning Journey:


  • Plan and think things through
  • Getting lost in our work
  • Manage distractions when they happen


  • We keep going and don't give up
  • Learning from our mistakes is important
  • We like working hard and trying new things
  • We have a 'Growth Mindset' and don't worry if things go wrong


  • We listen to and learn from others
  • Explaining things to others is part of learning
  • Respect for all during our 'Learning Journey' is essential


  • We love to -
  • Ask Questions
  • Notice things
  • Look for patterns and connections
  • Think of reasons why
  • Ask 'What if?'


  • We keep improving by -
  • Reviewing our work
  • Identifying our best bits
  • Improving one thing first
  • Not comparing ourselves to others
  • Trying to be better than last time

Most of all - Enjoy Learning

  • Feeling proud of our achievements
  • Feel your neurons connecting!
  • Imagine your intelligence growing by the minute!
  • Use what you learn in real life

Develop a Love of Learning

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