Longfields Expansion

Proposed Expansion to 2 Form Entry

Initial consultation for the expansion of Longfields Primary and Nursery School started in late 2013. With the increased speed of building in and around Bicester the County Council have identified the need for expansion of some existing schools in Bicester, with Longfields being one of them.

It is proposed to expand Longfields from its existing intake of 45 pupils per year to 60 pupils per year. This is from 1.5 form entry to 2 form entry.

The expansion itself will include a new block of 6 classrooms set out in an 'L' shaped configuration towards the north of the school site - alongside the railway line. It will also entail refurbishment and enlargement of the existing school hall and the reinstatement of the old school kitchen.

There will also be substantial remodelling within the school itself with the school library, kitchen, office and staff room being relocated. The build of a 6 classroom block takes into consideration these internal changes and therefore only results in an additional 3 classes within the school, with the existing temporary building being dismantled; the kitchen being reinstated and the staffroom moving to another of the old classrooms.

This build will not only ensure Longfields has the capacity to receive children within its catchment area, but also enables space to be adapted within the school itself to ensure more efficient flow and more productive use of space.

The proposed work is scheduled to reach conclusion in June 2016 ready for September 2016 delivery.

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