Y6 Sports Leaders Athletics Event for Year 1

A report of the event by Princess (Year 6)

After Jack (the event leader) explained everything clearly, the children started at their first stations. Mr Davies said "Everyone is having so much fun they they're all doing a good job." The station organisers are being very helpful with the Year 1 children. A lot of the children said to me "This is so much fun!!"

During the event, I have seen Lilly encouraging her group to go as far as they can in the long jump, Bryony cheering on all of the year 1s, Victor (Year 1) encouraging his team with the target throw and Charlie (Year 1) still managing to do the long jump, even with a hurt knee.

After the first class, all the Year 1's said " it was so much fun, thank you!"

Then we swapped to the second group, Jack put everyone into groups again and got them ready to start as the whistle blew. More children said they really enjoyed the event and all of the sports leaders did great helping and leading for the younger children.

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