Y6 Sports Leaders Boccia Event for Year 2

A report of the event by Maddison and Sebastian (Year 6)

As we start, our organisers, Amelia and Diogo introduced today's sport - Boccia. The team leaders did a great introduction and introduced everyone helping with today's game. The children were separated into teams of 6, two teams per game (There were 4 games all played at the same time). On pitch one, the teams were Melons vs Pineapples, pitch 2 was Bacon vs Sausages, pitch 3 was Bananas vs Oranges and pitch 4 was Pizzas vs Burgers.

The Year 2 children have enjoyed the matches so far. The children on Bacon team got very excited after getting extremely close to the white (target ball). This, of course, led them to a win of 5 points over their opponents. We can tell they just want to keep on playing because they have been saying things like " I am having so much fun!" and "I am really enjoying this."

We then handed out certificates to the teams for participating in the event while tallying up the points to see who won, the kids are really happy about their certificates and overall they found the whole experience really. Pizza and Sausage teams won with a drawn score of 25 points.

We then swapped to the next class of year 2s, in this class, Sausages were the overall winners. It seemed both classes enjoyed this new sport. The scores are close, some are even drawn and our team leaders have ran the event well. We had 22 Year 2s in one group and 23 in the other, meaning 45 children participated in our competition.

Everyone has shown great sportsmanship and, including our Year 6 leaders. We asked Amelia if he was happy with the children's hard work and she replied "Yes, they have been great," which was good to hear.

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